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Whole House Water Filtration Systems in Houston, TX

Yaia (pronounced Yi ya) is about more than selling you drinking water purification products. Yaia was created as a solution for your water quality problems in Houston, TX using a reverse osmosis water filtration system that is supported by a money-back performance guarantee. Most consumers we talk to say, “I don’t know what really works. Everyone says they are the best!” How can you be absolutely certain what’s in your home is effective?

Our Process Demands “Proof of Performance” for every Houston home.

Yaia is the only manufacture in America to give you your personal LAB TESTED RESULTS with a MONEY-BACK PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE AFTER INSTALLATION! Once Yaia’s residential and commercial water filtration system installation is complete, a post filtered water sample will be sent to a lab for analysis. You will be provided with your personal results; proof that our solution is providing your household with healthier water provided by Yaia’s Healthy Water Guidelines. 

Three Golden Rules for Healthy Water Results:
  1. pH neutral (6.5 to 7.5)
  2. System cannot remove essential minerals
  3. Chemical FREE

Don’t just buy any home water purification system, invest in a solution!

  • Analyze – Our Bio Chemist analyzes your water contaminants..(FREE)
  • Understand – We define what contaminants are present in your water and create a list that will explain each chemical and your potential health risk. (FREE)
  • Solution – We design and install the YAIA whole-house protection solution with Real Proof Of Performance from EVERY faucet, soften the water and deliver the best taste, without removing the important minerals with our Healthy Water Guidelines.
  • MONEY-BACK Performance Guarantee After Installation – Yaia is the only manufacture that includes Complete Lab Testing after installation at your home. If we fail testing, you have a money-back guarantee! Everyone’s water problems vary greatly. If you are investing in any technology you should demand performance testing, or don’t buy it! 
Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System Houston TX

Ask us about our reverse osmosis water filtration system and water softeners today.


  • "I bought a reverse osmosis system to create safe drinking water for me and my kids. Lots of my friends had done the same thing. Until Yaia tested the pH of my water and showed me it was highly acidic. We were consuming very unhealthy water. They installed their 99% protection solution that protects every faucet and I had them removed the RO. I feel safer knowing they are monitoring my water quality every year."

    - Joanne H.

  • "My wife and I are fitness enthusiast and believe in a healthy lifestyle. Yaia’s analysis uncovered high levels of Arsenic, Herbicides & Pesticides in our water supply. We also keep getting notices from our water provider about bacteria in the water. We are thankful Yaia system provides protection from these elements at every fixture throughout our home. No one else could offer us this protection from every faucet."

    - Chris D.

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